SAW Chip Operating Systems

The SAW Chip Operating System is a communication pack, an operating tool, via a triangulated system incorporating the timber species database, analysing the sustainability use various timber .


Concerning the SAW Chip


The SAW Chip and associated software provides a program offering a sustainable use of timber by proper grading to match the demand, tamper proof, recording and maintaining information concerning every tree fell , while providing data and ensuring replanting .


  1. Proper Forestry Management Practices

  2. Identifying the trees' suitability for harvesting with responsibility and discipline

  3. Maintaining logs of timber fell, processing until finished timber products

  4. Registering with relevant authorities and Certified Timber Product Number

  5. Easily audited against any measure.

  6. Recognises the significance of buyers of timber products

  7. Usefulness as an identification tool to ensure the right tree is cut.

  8. Provides comprehensive business activities statement.

  9. Offers a digital receipt mechanism on trees that are planned for harvesting.

  10. Automatic audit can be achieved with a card reader.

  11. Stores ABN, ASN, BPJS, e-KTP, FIP, FMA, License and Tax File, TIN numbers.

  12. Includes several Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and contact-less smart card applications.

  13. Applications run on most platforms, including Microsoft.