Small and Medium Enterprises


  • ASSIST to EVOLVE specific strategies in various sectors relating to expansion of global clusters of SMEs


  • IDENTIFY economic  synergies for promoting inter-firm cooperation, partnerships and networks in order to develop technological capacity, improve market access and promote innovation.


  • ESTABLISH a Cluster Group of SMEs  in providing e-commerce; new procedures at all levels to facilitate exchange of information on technical cooperation and commercial opportunities through information infrastructures and networking facilities, including developing SME Website” which provides a network between all Asia Pacific SMEs

  • RECOMMEND the respective governments to designate institutions  focal points in Government, Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies as well as Apex Chambers for the promotion and facilitation of SME clusters


  • DEVELOP SME Focal Points for information dissemination, SME Trade Development, Institutional Capacity Building, Training and Enterprise to Enterprise cooperation.


  • SET UP expert group for identifying/establishing concrete mechanisms to boost trade and investment within the APEC SMEs in selected sectors and for specific products; and enhancing opportunities for exporting to domestic and global services to markets.


  • MATERIALISE existing and potential inter-trade, investment and technology transfer in key areas and sectors.


  • ACKNOWLEDGE AND SUPPORT the investment of public and private sectors in South East Asian Cooperation and accordingly endorse the activities of the APEC SME participation in Chambers of Commerce and Industry and encourage participation in various projects.


  • PROMOTE and ENHANCE, among ASIAN economic and trade relations in the areas , such as trade financing, insurance, shipping, logistics, trade facilitation, promotion and protection of investments, avoidance of double taxation, and product specification and standards.


  • CONSULT AND COORDINATE, as appropriate, among APEC SMEs and industry groups on WTO process with a view to understand and assess the implications of the negotiations on increasing market access for the goods, services and sectors of export interest to the developing countries and to prevent the denial of market access due to, inter alliance, linkage of environment and labour standards of trade.


  • INCREASE efforts to build institutional mechanisms within Asia Pacific countries at different levels to facilitate constructive and focused interaction between Governments and Business Associations within the APEC SME-CENTERS Clusters in order to develop deeper understanding of the WTO rules and their implications so as to ensure fair and equitable outcomes